Private parties include the use of our facility and equipment.  Dog tables and human tables (with chairs) will be set up in our reception area.PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC.   Parties are 2  hours long and are held daily from 7pm to 9pm.

Please contact us to reserve well in advance.  
Rates below are for space and equipment rental, tables and seating for your amount of guests.

Weekday parties 7pm to 9pm:

up to 10 dogs and 25 humans $200
up to 15 dogs and 35 humans $250

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Parties 7pm to 9pm:

up to 10 dogs and 25 humans $250
up to 15 dogs and 35 humans $300


Agility facilitator (Encourages people and dogs to use agility equipment. Basic instruction. Monitor)  $60
Pinata filled with dog treats/toys $65
Staff facilitators $50 (help with monitoring dogs, etc)
Gift bags filled with awesome doggie items (indicate size of dogs) $4.50 per bag
Clean up crew $150

All Inclusive Themed Parties: 

For an additional all inclusive fee you can hire our puppy party planner to customize a themed event for you and your guests.  Planned parties include treats, a pinata, a dog cake, a human cake, room and table decoration (balloons, table cloths, etc.), set up,  clean up and facilitator. Please call for pricing.

Rules & Regulations:

All rules that apply to the dog yard also apply at parties.  See Rules & Regulations for The Dog Yard
No children under 5 years of age.

All parties are responsible for clean up and set up of their own party. All parties are subject to a $200 deposit, which will be refunded to you if the facility is left clean and sanitary and there is no damage to equipment.  We will provide cleaning materials. 

Gatherings that involve groups of dogs can be dangerous. Dogs are  possessive over food, toys, territory or people and can fight. Even calm and social dogs can be aggressive at dog parties. We strongly advise that you instruct your guests to pay close attention to the behavior of their dogs and that they agree to remove their dogs at the slightest indication of aggression or when asked. It is highly advised that you bring extra friends, or hire members of our staff to help facilitate the socialization of dogs at your party.  If any of your guest dogs have dogs that display "marking behavior" (continual urinating on the floors, walls, equipment, etc) we require that you please ask them to wear a "belly band" which we can provide. This helps to keep your party and our facility sanitary for all guests. 

The Dog Yard is not responsible for any injuries to  people or dogs that occur when renting our space for your dog party.  The Dog Yard is also not responsible for any damage to, or loss of any personal property brought to our facility by you or your guests. Before entering the facility, all party attendees will be expected to sign waivers that release The Dog Yard from any such liability.